Driven by God’s love, Behind Every Door utilizes community centers to run on-site programming and create access to resources in low income apartment communities.

Since 2009, we have been demonstrating God’s love by fostering deep, family-like relationships and offering comprehensive programming in these spaces. These trusted, consistent relationships allow us to support people as the take steps toward personal transformation and realize the bold visions they have for their lives.

Our Programming focuses on the Four Key Areas of:


We place a huge emphasis on literacy for children in our programs. Our literacy program, called Lexia, aims to ensure that children are reading at or above their grade-levels. Literacy can have a cascading effect on school performance, self-esteem, and life trajectory.


Children in underserved communities often do not get exposed to the same opportunities outside of their environments as other children may. We intentionally create experiences to broaden horizons and open minds to new possibilities.


On earth as it is in heaven is at the center of what we do. All of our programming is voluntary, but we hope that as families interact with us, have an encounter with the love and presence of Jesus that leads to an intimate discipling relationship.


Our programming focuses on teaching social-emotional skills that result in healthy self-expression and relationships that ultimately leads to fulfilled potential.





Practically, it looks like providing safe spaces for kids and families to overcome poverty from the inside out. We operate community centers in low-income, high-crime apartment communities to serve the residents who live there. Kids and families in the community have consistent access to our high quality programming, facilities, and staff - ten hours a day, six days a week. Our programming (although it varies somewhat by community need) includes:

  • After School Programs

  • Literacy & Tutoring

  • Life Coaching

  • Food & Nutrition Education

  • Discipleship

  • Recreational Activities & Leagues

  • Senior Activities

  • Activities & Events for Parents

  • Partnerships With Other Non-Profits to Provide Access to Various Services



KD was bored by the idea of reading. We introduced him to our iPad-based reading program developed by Rosetta Stone and he realized it wasn’t as bad as he thought. Since our reading program acts like an iPad “game”, KD competed with friends and broke our reading record by reading over 3x the average amount over a two day period. We call him “The King” of our reading program, and you can clearly see why!

Did you know? In DISD, 33% of economically disadvantaged African American kids can read by the time they finish 3rd grade. K-5 reading consistently, they read at or above grade level.



McKenzie dreamt of becoming a model, but was constantly bullied about her albino skin coloration. When she developed serious depression as a result, we were able to come along side her and encourage her beauty inside and out. We coordinated a photo shoot for her and, as you can see, she was a natural! Now she is more able to embrace her differences and not let the bullying impact her self-worth.

Did you know? We are on-site 10 hours a day, 6 days a week to build a trusted presence in our communities. This trust allows us to support our kids on a deeply personal level.



JoJo is a wonderful young woman who has been dealt her fair share of difficulties. She has found friendship in Cierra, a leader in the community center in Jojo’s apartment complex. They have walked together through trials and triumphs, forging a relationship grounded in God’s love. As iron sharpens iron, Cierra and JoJo make each more prepared for what life may throw their way.

Did you know? We had 108 kids attend weekly discipleship groups in 2018.



Lamaj has been able to explore the outdoors through our partnership with Camp Firewalker. Twice a year we collaborate to take a group of 30 young boys from our communities camping. With a one-to-one ratio of adults to younger boys, it’s an incredible opportunity to build relationships and learn skills like fishing and kayaking!

Did you know? We collaborate with 40+ organizations for enrichment opportunities like creative arts, sports, and tech!