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Visiting The Perot Museum

July 21, 2019
Mya R Chadwick
Visiting The Perot Museum

Who doesn’t love a new adventure? Here at Behind Every Door, we LOVE adventures. Our kids recently went on an adventure to the Perot Museum here in Dallas, Texas and got to experience nature and science on an entirely different level.

For this week’s blog post one of our awesome interns, Mya Chadwick, is sharing a bit more of our incredible experience at the museum. If you’ve never been to the Perot Museum, we highly encourage you to take some time to visit. You can find out more about their exhibits, events and activities here at Perot Museum.

Thank you again, Perot Museum for partnering with us, we appreciate you so much! The Perot Museum offers something for all ages including the Children’s Museum for five years old and younger, the Being Human Hall, where you can learn about the human body, DNA, etc. and if you’re a fan, you can experience dinosaur skeletons (which our kids loved!) Check out our interview with Mya below as she recaps the visit to the Museum.

Can you please share how the overall visit to the Museum went?

“Yes! I really enjoyed getting to bond with our kids and experience the Perot Museum. We watched a movie in 3D, and they thought that was so cool. The movie we watched was actually about pressing matters about animals out in the wild. Being able to talk about serious matters really got our kids excited; and introducing them to high-level type of topics and being able to break it down to them was really cool. They were able to shine a light on a new way of thinking for me when it comes to science, math, etc.”

How did the kids respond to the heavier topics that were discussed?

Some of them responded by waiving it off, like “it doesn’t affect me, so why should I care?” because we’re talking about wild animals. We don’t live in the wild nor do we live really anywhere near it. And then there were some of our kids who were questioning it, asking questions like, “is that what’s really going on?” The movie did have a happy ending and I was telling our kids that a happy ending doesn’t always happen. The elephants don’t always find the water; coyotes don’t always get food; or the goats don’t always escape the attack from the snake and things like that. Often times, our kids haven’t been spoken to about these vital issues in the world and I was able to tell them, that it’s kind of like a chain or a pyramid—everything relies on one another. So, if you don’t care about the environment, and that level is depleted, well then it does start to impact you. So, I just began to explain how you should start to care about matters outside of your neighborhood and things like that.

Behind Every Door Girls Bond Together at the Perot Museum

What inspired you the most about the Museum?

Our kid’s childlike wonder. I feel like when you grow up and you become an adult, you lose that part of you. And so, seeing that and being able to experience that all over again - that’s something I want to continue to do outside of our kids. I want to always be ready to learn and listen and be able to hear new things.

What was our kid’s favorite activity from the Museum?

Our favorite activity was the Earthquake floor. We got to feel the different levels of an Earthquake and we stood on this machine that would shake you back and forth and it was really fun! And our kids kept wanting to go back and get on it and I finally decided to try it myself. I’m from Florida and we don’t have Earthquakes, but it was really cool. Our kids and I really enjoyed that and there was a lot of laughter going on.

Roseland Kids with Topography Sand Map at Perot Museum

Thank you, Mya, for sharing about the visit to the Perot Museum! For more information about our partners at the Perot Museum, check out their Instagram here.

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