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So, what is curbside tutoring?

April 29, 2020
Amanda Knode
So, what is curbside tutoring?

We're one week away from North Texas Giving Tuesday | Now on May 5th! We're focusing all funds received on our COVID relief efforts for our communities and staff. Check out the answers to our FAQ below!

What are the top challenges being addressed?

Basic Supplies | We are providing over 200 lunches each day, gathering/distributing most requested items, and, through a partnership with Stand Together, providing $500 cash to families.

Online Schooling | We have repurposed the iPads we use for our literacy program by giving them to families for online schooling, coaching calls from our team to walk parents through homeschooling, and virtual community center activities.

Emotional and Physical Isolation | We are hosting virtual hangouts for students and interacting with community members to provide coaching and emotional support.

What is our plan going forward?

Our staff will adapt our existing programming content to a virtual setting, and then utilize professional video and sound equipment to ensure we are providing an excellent experience for community members. We will continue to be present daily for the kids and families we serve, whatever the circumstances. The wellbeing of our families comes first, and we will continue to listen, strategize, and respond as new needs arise.

Who will these funds support?

These funds will primarily support two neighborhoods where we operate community centers: Bonton (Buckeye) and Roseland. While the centers are located inside two Dallas Housing Authority apartment communities, they also serve neighbors in the area. Additionally, we recently acquired the Cedar Crest community center from the Salvation Army. We are launching a capital campaign to renovate Cedar Crest in 2020 and are hoping to begin serving the community in phases starting Fall 2020.

Note: We are participating in both North Texas Giving Tuesday | Now (2.9% fee) and Giving Tuesday | Now (1.9% fee + $0.30). Giving through either platform achieves the same goal!