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Event Recap: The Cookout 2019

October 2, 2019
Kea Westbrook
Event Recap: The Cookout 2019
Team Unity

The Fall is off to a wonderful start; students are back at school, our kids' and teens' programs have commenced, and we are turning 10 years old this month in service to God and community. Happy Birthday to us!

But before we go too far into the fall that is, I would like to pause and reflect on the summer that was. Our great anticipation for the summer became dismal quickly as we experienced three devastating losses of young lives gone way too soon. But as we worked to heal and process through the pain, there were some silver linings to our dark clouds. While we mourned the lives that were lost, we also celebrated five graduating seniors taking big steps into bright futures as they left for college! We also concluded our summer by hosting the first "The Cookout" event.

BBQ Home Cooking Catering

The Cookout was created to be an intimate gathering of like hearts and minds with at least two objectives: First, to have a conversation about how we can best steward our shared legacy in the children and families we serve. And secondly, to increase the base of our minority partners. I am excited to say that we accomplished both and had a lot of fun in the process! A special shout out and Thank You to Terrence and Jamie Maiden for hosting and making a way for such a significant and powerful event to take place in their home.

And thank you to everyone who had a part in making this event so phenomenal, from our planners Zoe Communications to our guests who do this work alongside us and in your own way every day, The Cookout will happen again! If you would like to be a part of next "The Cookout" event, or if you would like information on Behind Every Door on all the ways that you can join us, please log onto our website at Enjoy the stories and leave us a message. We will be excited to hear from you!

Event Host: Jamie and Terrence Maiden

Benefiting: Behind Every Door Ministries

Event Planner: Zoe Communications Agency

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