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Career Day with Lady Jade

July 9, 2019
Behind Every Door Staff
Lade Jade brings career advice to our kids at Roseland

Educating, inspiring and motivating would be the three words we’d use to describe Career Day here at Behind Every Door. Career Day took place last month at our Roseland Community Center where professionals from all over Dallas, Texas came to inspire our kids. The Career Day was designed to help elevate our kids’ minds and expectations of what their lives could look like professionally, educationally and personally.

Lady Jade is a successful Morning Radio Personality on K104 here in Dallas, Texas. She gathered some of her professional friends to come speak into the lives of our kids at our Community Center. Not only is Lady Jade a radio personality, but she’s a speaker, host and an amazing Philanthropist. Some of Lady Jade’s friends included: The Dallas K-9 Academy, Dallas’ Best Beauty Influencer The Duo Divas, Luxury Wedding Professional The Bow Tie DJ and Legal Professional Amber Gregg. We’ve placed their information down below just in case you want to connect with them!

At Behind Every Door, we understand that educating our kids while they are still young, will have a massive impact on their lives later on. Our Executive Director, Will Dowell said it best: “Everything we do is designed with transformation in mind…” We desire to transform lives from the inside out, because we know that’s where we can impact lives the most.

“To see the look on the kids’ faces, watching them learn, soak in the information, watching the professionals and their gifts—it was really dope!”

- Lady Jade, Radio Host

Kids listen to Lady Jade speak at Roseland

At Career Day, our kids learned about being an entrepreneur in the hair industry from the Duo Divas, how to work a corporate job AND run a business from the Bow Tie DJ and gained knowledge of the various jobs within the multi-media industry from Lady Jade. To top it off, we were inspired by Amber Gregg’s wisdom on her career in the legal industry and the unique job opportunities The Dallas K-9 Academy had to offer.

“Anything is possible…” this was one of the greatest takeaways from the day! These powerful words came from the mouth of Lady Jade. Her words challenged and inspired not only our kids but moved our adults and staff as well. Did you know that anything is possible? Did you know that you can accomplish whatever you want on this Earth? One thing that we instill into the hearts and minds of every child and family that walks through our doors, is that they can do anything.

For many of us, our past holds us back from pursuing the life we want. Lady Jade and her friends, left us with thought provoking questions and simply amazed by statements like this one: “I’m not better than anybody else, it feels good to be in the city I grew up in. I didn’t pick to do this. I didn’t know I’d be a radio host; I didn’t know I would be successful. If I can do it, anybody can do it. I didn’t have any advantage or any family members that were already in radio…”

Sometimes, it’s not about how you were raised, but rather being fearless in growing beyond the hand you were given. Don’t you agree?

We hope you were inspired by these words as much as we were. This week, we want to challenge you to think about these words as we do too. There is power in the way we think; we might as well think about something positive!

Thank you so much Lady Jade and friends for serving our community! We appreciate your investment in us so much!

Kids watch Guard Dog at Roseland with Lady Jade

You can connect with these amazing professionals who volunteer their time with our kids by going to their Instagram pages here: Dallas K9, Amber Gregg, A Bowtie Affair, Due Divas, and Lady Jade.

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Photographer: Alyssa Cates