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Atlanta College Tour Adventure

August 30, 2019
Behind Every Door Staff
Atlanta College Tour Adventure

Our college tour in Atlanta, Georgia was nothing short of amazing. Throughout all of the schools in Atlanta, we truly wanted our kids to experience the heartbeat of Atlanta’s minority schools. We decided to tour throughout the historical campuses of Morehouse College, Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University. Thank you to our partners on theses campuses, we truly appreciate you for taking the time to pour into our kids.

Just like many kids, our kids are growing up and desire a rich and impactful education from a college or University that is excellent, inspiring and motivating to help them achieve their goals.

Assistant Vice President of Institutional Advancement and University Relations, Quisa Foster met us on Clark Atlanta University’s campus for our tour. Our first stop was straight to the Clark University’s dining hall. It was there where we received a traditional, yet delicious college lunch and experienced meals just like a true college student. After lunch, we listened to an encouraging talk about Clark University’s Student Government Association from Levon Campbell. Levon is currently the SGA President and answered questions from our kids about leadership, integrity and the importance of creating an authentic campus community.

After our tour of Clark Atlanta University, our group split into two. Our guys toured Morehouse College while our ladies toured Spelman College.

Community Director Stephon Coleman led the group of men at Morehouse, explaining “Morehouse along with the rest of Atlanta showed our students the potential that hides inside of them. When faced with their history, they had a choice to either respond to it or ignore it. And I believe they are responding. Either through entrepreneurship ventures or the pursuit of education, our students came home dreaming.”

During our time at Spelman College, we were met by two women who are currently undergrads. They took the time to answer questions about living on campus, choosing the right major/minor and the importance of time management. Even though many of our kids have a few years before they apply to college, it was vital as an organization to expose our kids to the possibilities of the future. As we always say, “believe the best…” We trust by believing the best, taking one step at a time, our kids will achieve success beyond their wildest dreams.

One young woman from our community, Joanbiya, was struck by visiting the Spelman College Chapel, where in 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s body laid for 48 hours. Joanbiya explained: “I really liked seeing the Sisters Chapel and learning that part of Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral took place there…Martin Luther King, Jr. was basically where we were sitting.”

Once again, thank you to our partners at Morehouse, Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University, we truly appreciate you for helping set our kids up for success.

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