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A Letter from our Leadership

April 2, 2020
Darrion Lewis
A Letter from our Leadership

Hello Behind Every Door family!

We hope you are staying safe during this critical time.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and Dallas County’s city wide ordinance, we will not open our Community Centers for regular programming until further notice. While this is an inconvenience, we remain committed to serving the families in our communities and ensuring they have essential supplies and accurate, timely information on the COVID-19 virus. We have developed an alternative plan to serve the families in our communities under the circumstances.

Communicate: Without a central point of communication within our on-site Community Centers, our staff has begun communicating with residents via telephone, social media, and email to gather their immediate needs and concerns, establish awareness of COVID-19, and gauge their well-being.

Collaborate : As we discern the community’s immediate concerns and a safe way to meet their needs, we will continue to leverage our relationships with community partners such as yourselves and by connecting collaborative resources to the families of whom they would benefit. Needs may vary widely from meals to helping kids set up for online school to gathering medicine for seniors, etc.

Cover with Prayer: We will continue to cover our families with prayer and will share specific prayer requests with our community partners and volunteers. Additionally, we will be writing handwritten notes of encouragement to residents and invite you to do the same!

As we make conscious efforts to ensure that the entire Behind Every Door family is well, we are committed to being present, believing the best, and supporting our friends. We will continue to monitor the situation, adjust our strategy as necessary and keep you updated of the changes. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. You are in our prayers as well.


Darrion Lewis
Vice President