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KD is a normal kid who though his school reading was boring. We introduced him to our iPad-based reading “program” developed by Rosetta Stone and he realized it wasn’t as bad as he thought. Since our program acts like an iPad game to the kids, KD was able to utilize his competitive nature to challenge other kids in who could advance the fastest. One week he broke our reading record by reading over 3x the average amount over a two day period. We call him “The King” of our reading program, and you can clearly see why!

Did you know? 40% of kids reading with us regularly improved their literacy by at least one grade level.


social-emotional health

McKenzie dreamt of becoming a model, but was constantly bullied about her albino skin coloration. When she developed serious depression as a result, we were able to come along side her and encourage her beauty inside and out. We coordinated a photo shoot for her and, as you can see, she was a natural! Now she is more able to embrace her differences and not let the bullying impact her self-worth.

Did you know? We are working with the UTD’s Brain Heath Institute to pilot a virtual counseling service, where kids can stay in their home and interact with professional counselors through a video game. We are better able to care for kids when we have particular feedback similar to: “speak to a particular child in shorter sentences for now because his/her working memory has been negatively impacted by trauma experience in his/her household”.



JoJo is a wonderful young woman in our community. She has been dealt her fair share of difficulties, and has sought friendship in Cierra, a leader in the community center in Jojo’s apartment complex. Cierra has been able to walk with JoJo through trials and triumphs, forging a relationship that is grounded in God’s love. As iron sharpens iron, Cierra and JoJo make each other stronger and more prepared for what life may throw their way.

Did you know? We had 108 kids attend weekly discipleship groups in 2018.



Jamia has been a part of our family for years. Last year we were able to broaden her perspective on what is possible for her and her future through our Discovery program. We took Jamia and 30 of her fellow students to Washington, D.C. for a historical adventure to gain knowledge of Black and Latino history. The students also learned useful skills such how to manage a daily budget and navigate public transportation in a large city!

Did you know? We collaborate with over 40 professional organizations to provide enrichment opportunities such as photography, dance, cooking, painting, music, coding, pottery, basketball, and boxing!

about us

Behind every door there is a story. And we’ve noticed a trend. Kids in poverty want one simple thing: consistent love. They want you to be there for them. Not as an “afterschool program”, not as a “day care program”, not as a short term pop in and out solution, but instead a day in decade out focus – to become a staple in their lives. That’s where we come in. We’re here for kids in poverty every day, all day, through our on-site Community Centers in the apartment complexes where they live.

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