Join us on Saturday, May 5th




Best Tasting Lemonade 2018! 

Urbanade Lemonade participated in a Best Tasting Contest at North Park Mall on April 28th. Daisy, Samuel, Keisie and Kxzari were working on their Lemonade day project since January, meeting every week to discuss and plan their venture. After working through the Lemonade Day curriculum, learning about finances, marketing and publicity, the team sold their (now speciality) Lavender Lemonade, along with a new flavour, Blackcurrant. They also had a last minute idea to add iced tea to the menu, making Arnold Palmers, which was a huge hit with the customers. The contest was judged by the public, who judged between 9 other stands for their favorite lemonade as well as a panel of esteemed judges. 

The team were excited and surprised to pick up the best tasting award, although they definitely had come to win. As they celebrated with a meal at Cane's, the team reflected on their win. "I learnt how to talk to people more", reflected Keisie, who loves the design aspect of the project. They all agreed that they had worked as a team, and that participating had already increased their self confidence.  

The team is looking forward to selling more lemonade on May 5th at East Hampton's Snider Plaza location.       


Working on our new logo 

We meet every Saturday to work on different parts of Lemonade Day. On one day, we were trying to make a new logo for our business. It took a lot of time and it took a lot of work. As a Jr. entrepreneur we have to make plans on our upcoming projects.

--Samuel Dweh


Meeting East Hampton 

One Sunday, we went to a place called East Hampton Sandwich Company. The head of marketing, called Kyle, wanted to be our sponsor. Then we wanted to taste test the flavors for our lemonade.  We tried mango and peach and other flavors too but, we wanted to do blackcurrent and lavender by itself. Last year we did Lavender and it was so good, and everyone liked it.

Then we got to eat their food and it was very delicious and and I ate the lobster and it was great.

--Kxzari Taylor