What is Springboard?

Springboard is a series of opportunities for adults and kids in our communities to develop skills that can help them make their way in a world of ever-changing technology and business. Springboard strives to build personal and tangible skills by exposing kids and adults in underserved communities to technologies and entrepreneurial opportunities that might not otherwise be available to them.

Springboard in action:

Through Springboard’s entrepreneurial program, a team of 5 kids from the Behind Every Door after-school program teamed up with East Hampton Sandwich Co to create a lavender lemonade that won “Best Tasting” lemonade in Dallas’s Lemonade Day competition! The lavender lemonade, called “Urbanade”, was sold for a month in East Hampton stores around Dallas after the competition concluded. 

Another example of the Springboard collaboration is the newly launched “Transformers” program, which brings Techie Factory experts to Behind Every Door apartment community centers to teach residents how to code (essentially how to design and build an executable computer program). This skillset is in high demand and can lead to employment without an advanced degrees.

Why does Springboard exist?

Led by Fiona Hall (Behind Every Door) and Mess Wright (www.TechieFactory.com), the Springboard leadership understand that our kids will soon see Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in their schools and jobs, and a knowledge of this technology will be extremely valuable. In the absence of certainty for the future, we can help create a solid foundation in character, tangible skills and attitudes.

For kids and adults in underserved communities, personal skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, perseverance, creativity, decision making are crucial for any success they want to achieve. These personal skills are addressed in every Springboard opportunity, whether it is coding camp, an entrepreneurial project, or another creative experience. Our staff is passionate about the “whole person”, and making sure that we are setting the kids and adults up for success that can be transformative in their lives.

Our aim is that our children would not be passive recipients of these but active participants that could lead to fulfilling careers in well-paid jobs that contribute meaningfully to society. It’s a big goal - and we believe that with partners and investors like you, it can be done!

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