The Life Center is a multipurpose facility for men, women, and children that seeks to provide access to healthier lifestyle options and implement a key component of our mission: Make Friends to Make Life Better in Village Oaks and the surrounding community.

Thanks to a partnership with two groups, the Life Center currently functions in these capacities:

Fitness and Training

  • Open daily from 9am to 8pm
  • First-class weights and cardio equipment
  • Certified personal trainer available

Boxing Program

  • Established by Hall-of-Fame box Curtis Cokes and still operated by the Cokes family
  • Amateur boxing program and team
  • Professional training and representation

Community Gatherings

  • Weekly "What's Up Wednesday" gathering to play cards & bingo, watch sports or tv programming, and a potluck dinner
  • Senior citizen bingo days
  • Special dinners/parties, such as Date Night, Mothers Night, Fathers Night, and Kids Night

Special Events

  • Basketball tournaments
  • Large community cookouts


  • Create good references for future job interviews through work projects
  • Restore dignity; encourage the idea of work & reward
  • Access to Community Center computers to help with résumé creation
  • Classes/mentor relationships to teach interview skills
  • Vision to offer a Financial Literacy program through partnership with a bank
  • Vision to develop an Entrepreneurship Center

Personal Life Training

  • REAL MEN: Meets every Friday at 10:30am for adult men to share life and what it means to be a man
  • REAL WOMEN: A group for adult women to share life and what it means to be a woman

Long Term Vision (seeking partners to achieve these goals)

  • Sports leagues for the community
  • Weekly fitness classes for the community