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Invest in Enrichment Programs

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We provide Enrichment programming for the K-12 students that participate in our Kids Club out-of-school-time programming at our Community Centers.

Independent artists are brought to our Kids Club to integrate fine arts such as, drawing, dance, graphic design, mosaics, music, pottery textiles, theater, along with cooking classes, and nature/gardening as well as the STEAM components into our programming.

By providing our students with creative outlets and allowing them to discover their talents, gifts and passions, students are inspired to be innovative and think outside the box. Practicing creativity enables them to be more equipped to be innovative for their present experiences and future roles in their communities.

Note from Enrichment Coordinator Kimberly Elmore: “I love my job! I love working with kids to help them discover who they are in Christ and what talents and creativity He has blessed them with and to inspire them to reach beyond the norm.”