Eniola Abioye, our Spiritual Health Coordinator, is passionate about creativity. She loves to work one on one with our kids, and does a phenomenal job leading our kids day-in and day-out. Eniola teaches our kids how to be creative in her Creative and Design Group. We asked her what this looks like practically to try and teach creativity to our kids. This was her answer:


In the Creative and Design group we have been exploring the use of color and design, specifically with shoes. Although the summer didn’t go the way we expected, I was able to take some of the teens to a fashion exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Arts. What was awesome was watching them make their own decisions about how the art made them feel, the ways they connected to different patterns and how some things weren’t up there alley.


The fashion, creative and design group is more about connecting and exposing the kids to ideas of problem-solving through their innate creativity. They love when they get to flex and design their own shoes or shirts. It brings out the beauty in each of the kids and invites them to explore what they’re actually capable of. I love this space with the kids. We get to grow in relationship and trust because they see me as an adult outside of the educative space.

So much can be learned outside of the normal classroom setting and we’re so glad to have staff members like Enola to help us cultivate a space of safety, trust, and freedom for our kids to be creative.

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Jasmine Morris