Our First Atlanta Braves Game | Partner Post


Hot dogs, burgers, popcorn and loud cheering combined, equals a good baseball game!

We are so thankful for our partners at the Atlanta Braves Foundation who allowed our kids to enjoy a time of laugher, fun and baseball, of course.

We arrived at the stadium with anticipation to enjoy wonderful food, entertainment and a great game! We were NOT disappointed one bit. Not only did our kids learn more about baseball, but they got to experience the wonderful vibrant community that Atlanta has to offer. Our kids enjoyed dancing to the music and attempting to catch the baseball’s that were being thrown into the stands to fans. With several trips to the concession stand and hours of eating chicken tenders and candy, our kids were filled with joy. The Atlanta Braves hosted an amazing game that made it hard for our kids to want to leave. Thank you again Atlanta Braves Foundation for allowing us to experience such an incredible night!

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Jasmine Morris