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Growing up, you might remember seeing your family photos in bronzed or antique wooden frames on the wall in your family home. You might have an entire generation of family on your wall—from photos of your cousins, aunts, uncles and more. These photos capture valued memories and allow us to remember cherished moments. The truth is, many of our kids at Behind Every Door don’t get this unique experience in their homes because their families can’t afford to take photos together. One of our partners, Church of the Incarnation, saw this need and stepped in last year to photograph our Roseland families and individuals.  

After they were taken, many took the photos home to their apartments. Others allowed Darrion Lewis, Community Director at Roseland, to put them up at the community center as well since our center can be a second home for many.

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Darrion shared the following about his personal experience with the family photos:

“I noticed growing up in a similar environment, life hit so hard sometimes, we forget to take photos. I mean we just had no capturing of time at all. So, we wanted to be intentional about not allowing that to happen again - at least not in their lives. So, at our Thanksgiving event, we had a photographer from the Church of Incarnation who set up a whole photoshoot where families could come over, sign up, and take a free family photo. Some of the parents would come over and they would see themselves on the wall, and I would say, “you can take this if you want it!” and they would be like, “No, keep it.” We’re excited about that. But we have more photos coming, that they will be able to take home.”

We want to encourage you to never take for granted the family/loved ones you have. Take pictures, capture the moment and reflect on how truly blessed you are.

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