A Glimpse of Our Story

Hi friends - We have a new video specifically made to explain what we do! In our experience, what we do really “clicks” with our partners when they are able to visit us onsite and see first-hand. For those of you that can’t make it to one of our properties, we’ve created this video to give you a snapshot of the What/How/Why of Behind Every Door.

Thank you to Shelly Slater Strategies for making this video a reality! Your belief in our work means the world to us! 

Ways to get plugged in:

To donate, please visit this link: https://pages.donately.com/behindeverydoor/campaign/celebrating-10-years

To volunteer, please visit this link: https://behindeverydoor.org/volunteer

To find out about our events, please visit this link: https://behindeverydoor.org/specialevents?view=calendar&month=05-2019

Did you know we are turning TEN this year? Check out where we are headed here: https://behindeverydoor.org/tenyears