Behind the Doors of Spence Middle School


Behind Every Door has cultivated strong relationships with the communities we serve and with the children, youth, and parents who live there. Even still, we began to wonder how we could further connect with them. This answer came in an opportunity we were provided with last week.

Our staff leadership from The Rose Community Center were invited behind the Spence Middle School doors to meet with the new principal there, observe lunchtime, and see the kids who attend our Kids Club after-school program.

After the initial responses of “Wait, you’re not supposed to be here!” the kids were thrilled to see Darrion and Tierre in their school hallways and to get to spend time with them at lunch.

A pivotal moment for our staff was when they got the chance to talk with the campus security guard and hear that one of the greatest threats to the kids right now are suicidal thoughts. We learned that about two years ago a middle school boy committed suicide, and since then, the school has been searching for added support and healthy relationships to be established and fostered. Darrion Lewis shared that “We are hoping to start those efforts in building relationships with the children. This is only the beginning; however, we are excited about the limitless possibilities of what God is going to do.”

When we say we strive to know the stories behind every door, we mean EVERY door, including the door of Spence Middle School. This newfound partnership has endless potential and we are so excited to see where it leads.  

Ruth Whorton