Summer Series- Washington D.C. Trip

wdc 1.jpg

Here is a recap of this year's trip to Washington D.C. told by Village Home's Community Director, Kea Westbrook- 

Summer 2018 did not disappoint, a specific highlight was being able to accompany a group of students to Washington D.C. We traveled to D.C. with 23 teenagers from across the three Behind Every Door Properties with the specific purpose to educate, inspire and have lots of fun!

There was so much to learn and from which to be inspired from the African American Museum to the Museum of the Bible, our students learned about their history both culturally and spiritually. Our adventures led us on a tour of the national mall where we were able to spend time at the Lincoln and King memorials. We visited the home of Frederick Douglas and toured the home of our U.S. Presidents. Yes, our students from Dallas TX were in the White House! Madam Tussaud’s wax museum allowed us to get close to all of the U.S. presidents and some of our favorite celebrities. And the National Harbor was a great place for some of us to conquer our fear of heights on the Ferris wheel, eat good fun and enjoy getting to know each other better.

Traveling to D.C. was a special gift that provided new experiences and new possibilities for our teens! After inventorying what impacted them the most, almost every adventure made it on at least one person’s list. However, an extra special moment for the majority was the privilege of having Deborah Roberts, an African American female who now works in the Department of Transportation, come share her testimony with us. Her beginnings were like many of our students, and she explained how she was able to overcome what seemed like insurmountable odds; Faith, her love for reading and with the right people around her, she persevered. Mrs. Roberts personal touch helped reach the hearts of some our students; they shared how she inspired them because of her confidence and because she was just like them; she infused hope.

Going to Washington was a journey that began this summer but the full weight of its’ benefits is still being measured. Every time we speak with our students more nuggets are revealed about just what that trip meant to them. We had devotion every morning and a debrief every night, prayerfully, we inspired habits of personal quiet time and healthy communication. There is so much more to tell, but I want to take the time to say thank you to every one that supported and prayed for our transformative trip, our gratefulness is more than what can be expressed.

THANK YOU - Behind Every Door Board of Directors for approving the trip; Stand Together for our special family dinner Thursday night in D.C.; Eddie Adesodun for designing our Roots to Routes logo (they were a great witness tool) and to PXP Solutions for getting our shirts printed on time; Deborah and William Roberts for your love and continued support; all the parents for entrusting your kids in our care (that means so much)!

Again, we set out to educate, inspire and have lots of fun. Mission accomplished and to God be the glory.

Ruth Whorton