Prayer Needed for Village Homes Community

VO boys playing.jpg

A Request for Prayer for the Village Homes Community - Our summer has come to end and though we shared a lot of fun moments with our families and their children it was not without challenges.

Village Homes has been labeled an “at risk,” property by the City of Dallas, which simply means if there is not significant improvement in the areas of safety and living conditions, we could possibly be closed and thousands of people including kids and the elderly will be displaced. In the the mist of trying to turn things around, Village Homes saw three murders between June and August. While our kids are resilient, no child should have to live in a place where gun shots are routine and death is your neighbor.

Though we are soliciting your prayers it is not from a hopeless place. We had a wonderful back to school event, where we unveiled our “That’s Trash Bro” liter campaign, we played games, ate a bunch of snow cones, passed out school supplies and most importantly prayed for our kids that God would protect and guide them through a successful year! 

For not the best of reasons, many eyes are watching Village Homes. “But God is our refuge and strength, our present help in trouble.” we are believing for such a transformation, that eventually we will say of the watching eyes that “their eyes were watching God!”

Thank you all for walking with and praying for us.

Prayer request shared and written by Village Home's Community Director, Kea Westbrook. 

Ruth Whorton