Kids Fine Arts Showcase


Saturday was filled with creativity, performances, and fun as kids from all three communities we serve through Behind Every Door came together to display their work at our first ever Kids Fine Arts Showcase!

Built on creativity, discovery, and imagination, the Behind Every Door enrichment program, a component of our out-of-school-time kids club, seeks to help students explore their creative side through art, dance, cooking, science/technology, and more.

After working hard on artwork and musical performances all semester, Kim Elmore (Enrichment Coordinator) gave the children a chance to display their work and perform at our Community Center in Roseland Townhomes. During the Showcase, one room was converted to an art gallery with display boards featuring children’s artwork from drawings and paintings, to photography and sculpture, and the PEROT museum brough tech trucks to build and launch rockets.

To kick off the showcase, kids from Village Oaks starred in three performances.

Performing first was a group of teenagers who wrote their own Musical Bible Verses presentation:

Up second, was a performance of the books of the New Testament:

Lastly, a group of students performed an incredible dance number:

The whole showcase was a huge success incorporating and displaying all aspects of the enrichment program and giving the attendees of our kids club a way to showcase the results of all the hard work they have put in. In closing the event, Chris Griffin (Assistant Community Director) said, “Our kids are dedicated. Our kids are special. They put in the work day in and day out. They have something special inside them and it’s our job to draw it out.”






Ruth Whorton