Roseland's Transformation

One year ago today, Behind Every Door expanded for the first time in 8 years to enter into Roseland Estates. Roseland is an aging Dallas Housing Authority apartment complex that began as Freedman's Town in 1869, an area that was almost exclusively black for generations. In 1942, Roseland Homes opened 650 units to low-income black families. It was Dallas' first public housing complex designed for black individuals and among the first public housing communities built west of the Mississippi.

When we got to Roseland, the Community Center onsite had been closed down for 7 years due to lack of funding and man-power to operate the center. Behind Every Door was invited to come be a part of the community, and make the Community Center our own. The pictures below tell a story of revival and hope, with changes largely led by engaged members of the community who had a vision for this shared space. To pay homage to the Roseland history, the community and Behind Every Door collaboratively named the center The Rose, intended to be a hub of peace and growth for the community. 

Amanda KnodeComment