Lemonade Day

Lemonade Day is an incredible opportunity for kids! Their mission is to help today’s youth become the business leaders, social advocates, community volunteers and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow...one lemonade stand at a time! Youth go through an online program learning about financial literacy and entrepreneurship whilst making their own lemonade with stand.

We were chosen to participate in a North Park tasting event on April 29th, where 10 stands competed against each other with judges and the general public from 1-4pm. On May 6th, we had a stand from 12-6pm at Mockingbird Station outside Urban Outfitters. The kids made just over $600!

And, when we asked about what they learned, here are their responses:

  • “Now I understand what an entrepreneur is”
  • “You don’t have to do it on your own, you can work together with your friends”
  • “It takes hard work”
  • “It takes patience”
  • “You need self control”
  • “I want to do this all the time!”
Will Dowell