Emotional Health

We have some really fun things going on with emotional health: our kids are learning to think through their emotions!

Thanks to some help from Sparrow House Counseling and some other time our staff has spent with counselors, we have compiled some amazing resources to provide to people in our communities!

The picture of the stoplight is a tool we learned from Sparrow House. This provides anyone with a way to objectively talk about your emotions. These zones are not necessarily bad - they are simply a way to categorize. For example, the "blue zone" does not always mean you are sad (although that would fit in the blue zone); it could simply mean you are tired.

We recently had a child come in to the after school program and immediately let us know he was in the red zone. First of all, that alone is a HUGE step - for anyone! So, we handed him some playdough and let him get his anger out (which we learned from Sparrow House). Once finished, he stood up, said he was in the green zone, and joined the group!

These kids are amazing. They just need opportunities to be affirmed in who they are and invited to consider another way (when necessary).

Another story coming soon about another student who has fully implemented ABC thinking in to her life! Don't know what that is? We'll tell you soon!