WOW Girls Sleepover

The girls at Willow Pond had a sleep over recently! They did arts and crafts, painted their finger nails, laughed a lot, and ate Jim's famous hamburgers! They also were able to go to Waxahachie to see "Bethlehem Revisited."

Bethlehem Revisited is an authentic reproduction of what Bethlehem was like when Jesus was born. There are numerous shops demonstrating how they make everything from fabric to dyes to money. And, there are people selling goats, chickens, and other animals.

We also saw the Christmas story: we started in Herod's court and then on to meet the shepherds. From there, we saw Mary on the donkey and Joseph come in to town and be turned away from the inn. Then, things ended at the stable where Jesus is born and the Magi (with their real camels) come to give him gifts. The girls really enjoyed it!

Randi Meyer