Village Oaks Christmas Party

All of the kids and parents enjoyed the Christmas party this year. We are thankful for Fidelity and Triumph Bancorp for generously supporting the event - we could not have had this party without you!

The kids were able to go through four stations: decorating cookies, making Christmas cards, choosing a gift to give to a parent/guardian, and wrapping that gift. This was made possible by Fidelity and it was a delight to see the kids choosing gifts to give away, and then watching them proudly offer the gift to a parent.

Then, we all gathered in the gym to hear the Christmas story. At the end, each child received something they wanted for Christmas (thanks Triumph team!) and a new book (thank you Ms. Dickerson!). When Kea finished sharing the Christmas story, the kids had a spontaneous response (which is in the short video below). It was pretty special!

Enjoy the pictures and the video!