Seated Christmas Dinner at Village Oaks

We are very thankful for AmazingGrace.Life for sponsoring MercyChefs in the Village Oaks community this year! Thanks to you all and 40+ volunteers, over 250 people attended a seated Christmas dinner!

Click here to watch the Fox 4 news story of the evening. Or, keep reading and check out the pictures!

The evening began with the Real Men (a local group of men who meet to talk about what it means to be a man and study the Bible) driving around the apartment community to offer rides to the dinner.

As guests arrived, they were greeted and escorted to a table. Once seated, volunteer waiters and waitresses cared for the guests throughout the evening - from food to water to condiments.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this possible.

We had a fantastic time! Enjoy the pictures!

Will Dowell