My World, by Rahneisha

Over the summer, Behind Every Door started an intern program for the seniors in high school who attend the kids program. Rahneisha signed on to become our first-ever (but not the last!) intern! She did such an amazing job that we decided to keep the program going through the school year.

We will share more in a later post about what her paid internship looks like, but we first want to share with you a paper she recently wrote for her English class. Enjoy!

My World

My whole life I wanted to be a math teacher and a hairstylist.  I know way these are two different paths, but its something I have wanted to do since I was a little girl. I remember when I was little, being in my math teacher class, we use to always do these math problem, where its one hundred problems in two min. I think I would almost always be the first one to finish and every time I did it, I would always get a 100. I also remembered playing a multiplication game and we would get in a circle. We would have multiplication flash cards and we would have to hurry and say the answer. If you did it wrong, you were out and the winner was the last one standing. Until one day, this girl came and she use to always beat me. For some reason I found myself competing with her, but I didn’t let that stop me. I studied day and night until that big day came on a Friday. I beat her! I was so proud of my self that I didn’t care about beating her anymore. I knew I could do anything I put my mind to.

Then there is hair. Oh my gosh! When I do hair, it feels like the whole world and its problems do not matter, or like a peaceful baby sleeping and seeing angels. When I do hair I know that I do not have to worry about my frustrations. It makes my life a joy and I do not have to worry about stuff until the next day or the next situation. It also helps me learn life is what you make it and you can choose to let a situation get to you or you can just forget about it, and go on with your day very happy.

One thing I have learned, is if I want to stay doing my dream jobs I will have to stay in shape and I will have to make sure i am in extra activities. I played softball, basketball, volleyball, and ran cross-country.

Currently, I work for a non- profit organization, teaching kids the information I never listened to growing up. We show them there are other ways of living besides living in poverty and off the government for the rest of their lives. We also help them build confidence that they are going to do something in life. It also teaches me how to talk to kids; which voice to use and at which time with which kid. They are so used to getting yelled at and cursed at. It is important for us to give them a place for them to feel confortable and hang out. Plus, they love it there. This would not be a job for a basic teenager if the money was not right, because it takes a lot of patience dealing with, helping them, and talking to them about difficult situation. For example, a kid ask me ,’’Neisha, why do you care about us? What did we ever do to get you to help us?  Nobody else around these apartments cares about us.’’ It was really tough for me to answer that without crying but I told her,  “because we love you, and we want you to have a better future.” She said,  “Don’t speak for them but speak for yourself.’’ I said,’’ because life wasn’t easy for me and you probably know what I mean. I do not want to have you to go through that as an adult. I want you to be able to trust me because I know you don’t have that one person that you can talk to. I want to be that person, I want you to know that I’m all ears and that if you ever feel like you need to talk to some one, and you don’t have that person to talk to I am here.

I know that making my goals come true is going to take more then me working with kids and staying athletic, but it s a jump to a start and I’m loving ever bit of it.

Will Dowell