Cellphones, Jail and Jesus

One of the most thrilling experiences that comes out of ministry at Village Oaks Apartments is to see the many men and women who come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

Using a very simple method that I learned from Child Evangelism Fellowship, I have seen many of the men in "Real Men" fall in love with Jesus as their living savior.

Thomas is one of the young men who attends "Real Men" like clockwork every Friday. He loves Jesus and really wants to make a difference with his life.

I noticed he missed the last two weeks, which is unusual for him. He showed up last Friday and told us he had been in jail for the last 12 days due to a probation violation.

But while in jail, he introduced three other men to Jesus, using the cell phone illustration that I have taught to them many times!

I am thrilled and grateful to see how God is using the "Real Men" even in difficult situations!

Mike Downey  |  Director of Real Men