Real Men

REAL MEN is the men's ministry of Behind Every Door at Village Oaks Apartments in South Oak Cliff, and we are known for "keeping it real." We meet every Friday at 10:30am and it is the highlight of my week!

A few weeks ago, a new man, Sam, came for the first time. One look at his face would tell you he lived with a lot of emotional pain. Every meeting begins with the opportunity for each man to share how he is doing with the group.

As Sam attempted to introduce himself, one of the other members, John, interrupted him: "Man, let me tell you something – you ain't no piece of ****!" Then, for the next several minutes, John began to affirm Sam, and to communicate the love of Jesus to him.

For me, it was a beautiful sight to see one of the REAL MEN minister to another man. The deepest need of the human heart is just to be loved. Seeing that kind of love in action is why REAL MEN is the highlight of my week!

Mike Downey   |   Director of Real Men