Kidpreneur - a combination of "entrepreneur" and "kid."

Recently, 5 of our students from the Middle School Class attended the Kidpreneur Day at St. Philip's Academy. They each prepared a product to sell and all of our kids sold out!

In addition, one student picked up a verbal "contract" to do more work!

It was so fun to watch our students participate in this event and see the fruit of months of hard work. They have been working on things like logos, their products, and expense vs. income. And, to see that translate to sales was really special. There was a tangible sense of accomplishment.

Dr. Flowers (Executive Director and Headmaster for St. Phillip's) was really great with the kids. He  very casually tested their negotiating skills, their awareness to what was going on, and their customer service. Our kids learned a lot and we are excited about continuing this kind of work!