Smart Words


Pictured is the amazingly talented Suzanne Wallace. Suzanne serves as the Director of Loving People for Behind Every Door. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing good opportunities to underserved communities, and she is in charge of all of our programs, services, activities, and ministry. She makes sure we do things with excellence ("we don't practice on people"), with the right attitude, and that we are effective in achieving our goals.

One of the programs she has developed is called Smart Words. This is an amazing method for teaching kids to learn new words. How? By incentivizing them!

For every new word a child learns, can define in their own words, and use properly in a sentence - they earn a nickel. If the word they learn is an SAT word, they earn a quarter!

When you introduce a 'snack shop' in to the Kids Club, and those snacks cost something, Smart Words becomes a great opportunity to purchase the extra snack you want (every child receives 1 snack and a dinner just for showing up)!

The program is working and kids are learning new words every day. In fact, there is usually a line to share the new word! Every piece of paper on the wall in the photo represents a different child and the words they are learning.

These kids are smart and driven - we just have to find ways to pull it out! Thanks to nickels, vocabularies are growing!

Will Dowell