Mavs game, a suite, & literacy

Thanks to a generous partner, we were able to take a group of kids to suite in a suite at a Mavs game! Who doesn't enjoy sitting in the exclusive suites at an event?!

These kids had a blast! And, they were invited to attend based upon the amount of time they had each put in on Lexia, our literacy program. Lexia is an iPad-based literacy program, and we are seeing kids improve in their reading abilities each month. We are impressed with both the program and the kids' determination!

One of the boys who attended was not allowed to attend another, recent trip to a Mavs game. He was frustrated, but we let him know that he had not put in enough time on Lexia. He simply needed to do his job and then he could 'buy' himself a ticket to a future game.

Well, that lit a fire in him! He put in extra time to make sure he would be able to participate in the next opportunity. So, we were thrilled to let him know that not only did his hard work 'purchase' a ticket to the game, but it purchased a ticket to a SUITE at the game!

Will Dowell