Boxes of Blessing

We are thankful for a partnership with PCPC and the amazing gift they provide to so many through Boxes of Blessing!

This past weekend, Behind Every Door staff and friends joined over 1,000 other people to help pack thousands of boxes of food! Today, we will pick up 400 of those boxes!

We are very excited about distributing these in four ways:

  1. The kids in our Kids Club will each get a box for their family. This is a way for us to say thank you to the parents for trusting us with their kids, and a way to bless these families during the holidays.
  2. The parents will be invited to Parent Night, and if they attend they will take home a box. Parent Night is a great way to connect with parents who we do not see very often, and also a way for the parents to participate in some of the activities their kids have been doing. For example, a few months ago we invited parents to come to a painting class! For some parents, they may come for a box of food, but leave with a desire to be more invested in their kids.
  3. The kids will be creating a list of names of people they want to give a box to in our community. This teaches generosity and it also reminds these kids that they are an important part of a larger community of people.
  4. The property management staff we work with very rarely get to be the 'good guys' in the community. So, we work with the property management to hand out a number of boxes. This allows them to say thank you to the residents (without asking for rent!) and remind residents of behind Every Door's presence and activities.

We are thankful to have these opportunities to serve and love people during this season!

Will Dowell