Retail Minus Wholesale

We are so thankful to have a nice office space in the Wilson Historic District - thanks to the Meadows Foundation! Today, the older boys in our kids program moved their entrepreneurship class to our office. They were working on their business ideas, and it sounds like they will be pursuing some kind of snack shop. Our favorite part was this, though:

As a debate broke out over cost versus expenses, Sway (the teacher) decided to reign them in. She taught them that the profit is equal to the retail price minus the wholesale price. Then, she asked them several times: What is the profit? One of the boys decided to turn it in to a catchy song with some rhythm, and quickly the whole room of boys was singing. One person would yell "What's the profit?" And then the rest would say "Retail minus wholesale" - over and over again! Pretty fun to see the kids grab new opportunities with both hands and embrace all they can get!