King of the Wind

I decided that I wanted to introduce the understanding of worship to the 2nd and 3rd grade girls’ discipleship group at Willow Pond. After reading the story of Jesus calming the wind, we made a list of the wonderful things that we saw about Jesus in the story. “He is powerful,” one of the girls said. “He is caring," another said. “He is King of the waves, …of …of the wind…of everything!"

Calling up one of the girls as an example, I talked about the good qualities that I saw in this young lady to the group. Then, turning to the young lady, I took her hands and affectionately spoke those same things TO her, instead of ABOUT her. “That’s worship,” I explained. “It’s telling the wonderful things about Jesus TO Him instead of just telling ABOUT Him.

Now, it was practice time. I had each girl pick out one of the qualities on our list. We circled up and I began, “Jesus, you are wonderful.” Several more chimed in their words of praise, and then little Moesha suddenly threw her arms out and passionately exclaimed, “Jesus, You IS the King of the wind!”

Unlike every other day in Kid’s Club, it was no time to correct grammar! Her precious and unedited words of declaration have rung in my heart since that afternoon.

“Jesus, you IS the King of the wind’!