Heart of Oak Cliff

The neighborhood around Village Oaks is a strong, determined neighborhood full of extremely gifted people. People who have a dream for a healthy community where their kids feel safe and have access to good opportunities. In 2014, our neighborhood came together and were blessed to be part of the process.

The product is a Neighborhood Association called The Heart of Oak Cliff. We gather once a month to discuss issues, hear about crime stats, and plan improvements. I am very excited to share that what started with 3 people has grown to over 30!

Recently we had our end of the year Christmas dinner to celebrate each other and the accomplishments of 2014. This was such an encouraging time to all, with great representation from the City, DPD, local churches, local businesses, and community members. So, we are excited and hopeful about 2015!

Two accomplishments the group is very proud of are the community-led cleanups in our neighborhood. Below are some pictures from one of those events:

Will Dowell