I Want Something Better


This is a guest post written by Neisha. We hope you enjoy hearing her story in her own words.

I was brought up with a single mom and two siblings. We lived up-under one check, and we moved from house, to house, to house. Nothing ever felt very stable.

I had a horrible attitude, and I always got kicked out of school. I think I have been kicked out of 27 schools.

It was hard to stay in school because there were so many white people.

I didn’t like white people for nothing. I couldn’t stand them. I thought that the reason I didn’t have a daddy was because of white people. So, I thought white people were against me, and that is why I had something against white people.

When I moved near Willow Pond, I went over to the Community Center and I met Ms. Suzanne and Mr. Rickey. Ms. Suzanne and Mr. Rickey are both white, so I was pretty skeptical. But, they had a Christmas party I went to and I had fun, so I started to hang out with Ms. Suzanne.

Hanging out with Ms. Suzanne was tough at first. Kind of uncomfortable. But, I got to know her and I started to have more fun. The same thing happene with Mr. Rickey. As we got closer, I wanted to know about God because He was important to both Ms. Suzanne and Mr. Rickey.

Don’t get me wrong, I went to church and I knew about God. But, I really only went to church because of the candy! I wasn’t learning about God at all.

So, when Ms. Suzanne taught me about who God really is, I kept wanting to know more. And, when I got to know who God is, I actually wanted to live my life differently. I actually wanted to do better in life, and I started to get mad at myself when I wasn’t doing better.

Now I am trying to start over. Just because I had an attitude in the past doesn’t mean I have an attitude now.

I have known Ms. Suzanne and Mr. Rickey for 5 years now. I got tired of getting kicked out of schools and moving around. Things are getting better and my attitude is improving. I am doing better in school. I am playing sports. I want to go to college. I know it sounds crazy, but I live with Ms. Suzanne now! I call her "mom" and I call Mr. Rickey "brother."

I want to show people that just because I have a reputation of being a horrible person, I am actually God’s child. Ms. Suzanne has taught me that God fights my battles for me and I don’t have to fight those battles. So, that is what I am trying to do now.

-- Neisha