We exist to bring the fullness of the love of Jesus to transform lives in underserved neighborhoods.


Behind Every Door strives to transform lives in underserved neighborhoods by forming deep relationships with residents of apartment communities. We cultivate stable environments by collaborating with other organizations to bring resources that affirm dignity, demonstrate love, and empower neighbors.

Our involvement includes educational after school programs for kids, employment and financial resources for adults, mercy and social support, physical fitness programs, spiritual outlets and encouragement, and relationships with role models.




1. We Believe The Best

Each person is created with dignity and has huge potential

2. We Inspire Others

Providing access to new experiences and knowledge and encouraging people towards those opportunities

3. We Do Everything In Love

Seeking the best for each person we serve


1. Relationships

Getting to know the stories behind every door, one at a time

2. Collaboration

Recruit and welcome other non-profits, churches, businesses, and individuals

3. Gospel

Demonstrating the love of Jesus through acts of service and providing outlets for spiritual growth


We want to make friends to make life better.

We choose to build relationships, and we want to help meet basic needs to enhance those relationships. We view each person as an asset who is capable of playing a key role in the community.

Building relationships with Kids is one of the first places we begin. Kids are a universal language, and kids will grow up to lead our communities. We seek to befriend kids through after school and summer programs by providing homework help, tutoring, and safe, fun environments.

Building relationships with Adults is an opportunity to develop key community members into key community leaders. This happens in a variety of ways such as Bible studies, life skills training, fitness/nutrition classes, addiction recovery groups, cooking classes, and more.

Building relationships with the larger Community is important to the long-term stability of the neighborhood. Hosting large BBQ events, basketball tournaments, health fairs, holiday parties, and swim classes are some of the ways we try to do this.

Building relationships with Partners allows Behind Every Door to leverage effective organizations who will serve the neighborhood by joining us in the larger effort to build a healthy community. We want to find and befriend churches, non-profits, schools, businesses, and others.

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Through a holistic and collaborative approach, we are focused on seven key areas of a healthy community:

Safety: cultivating a culture where families thrive, children play, and justice is served

Education: offering high-quality education opportunities to children and adults

Housing: supporting the marginalized in our society, from veterans to the homeless

Employment: working with the community to create and source local employment

Emotional & Physical Health: providing access to social, emotional, physical, and mental health services

Spiritual Health: providing outlets for spiritual growth

Community Involvement: empowering local leaders and encouraging regular participation