We exist to bring the fullness of the love of Jesus to support personal transformation in underserved neighborhoods.


Driven by God’s love, we support personal transformation by designing resource centers inside apartment communities where we foster deep, family-like relationships and offer comprehensive programming.

Everything we do is designed with transformation in mind, including:

  • educational after school programs for kids

  • encouraging community responsibility

  • access to spiritual outlets

  • employment and financial resources for adults

  • health and wellness supports

  • relationships with role models and mentors




1. We Believe The Best

Each person is created with dignity and has huge potential

2. We Inspire Others

Providing access to new experiences and knowledge and encouraging people towards those opportunities

3. We Do Everything In Love

Seeking the best for each person we serve


1. Relationships

Getting to know the stories behind every door, one at a time

2. Collaboration

Recruit and welcome other non-profits, churches, businesses, and individuals

3. Gospel

Demonstrating the love of Jesus through acts of service and providing outlets for spiritual growth


Everything we do is designed with transformation in mind.

Space: Our community centers look and feel like a home – environment encourages behavior

Strategy: Comprehensive programming intentionally supports the whole person – people in poverty face multiple obstacles at the same time, so transformation requires us to address all of those obstacles at the same time, too

Staff: We hire amazing staff who are specifically gifted to do this this kind of work, committed to forming deep, trusting relationships and willing to be consistently present

Structure: We operate like a family, supporting individual choice & embracing teachable moments

Shared-Opportunity: We want to see personal transformation for people living in and out of underserved communities – we all can become more of who we are


Through a holistic and collaborative approach, we are focused on six key areas of a healthy community:

Literacy: offering high-quality education opportunities to children and adults

Discipleship: providing outlets for spiritual growth

Employment: working with the community to create and source local employment

Health & Wellness: providing access to social, emotional, physical, and mental health services

Responsibility: empowering local leaders and encouraging regular participation

Mentors & Role Models: partnering with Mercy Street to provide access to mutually transforming relationships

Want to learn more?

Watch our Executive Director share a 7-minute overview of what we do!